I'm Jamie 2K,

Back in the 1990, I was just Jamie "the mobile phone guy", busily running my own small Mobile Phone Company.

I had a white Peugeot 205 XRAD Van which I spent most of my day flying around the country in, I loved my tunes, so i built a 2K sound system & stuffed speakers everywhere they'd fit.

I'd met Simon Scutt (Dancefloor Studio) at the farm, we were going to Hayling Island one day, Simon always wanted the sounds flat out, he had the remote control, so it was usually banging, well on the A27 that day one of my amps caught fire, and Simon shouts, "oh no... I've blown up Jamie's 2k, hmm... Jamie 2K", from that day I've been known as "2K".
Hope that explains more about my nickname.
For more info, please check the site & forum i run below:-
If you love old school house music, from the early 90's... this will be just the place for you.
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