I was asked by the directors to create a website to sell products online. I setup a WAMP
server, Designed the graphics, negotiated the relationship with Booker PLC to be the first
independent retailer to have full access to a copy of their imagery & data, I worked with sub
contractors to create a script which collected the imagery from Brandbank, The descriptions
and pack data from the Booker website and their price files from the Booker gateway. There
were over 19,000 products.

I created a web marketing campaign to attract new customers, the concept was to give every
new customer registering interest to be sent a free drink.
I found a supplier who were prepared to provide free stock to
support the initiative in exchange for our continued brand sales support and to share the client

The campaign received a huge uptake and over the course of the campaign we had 13,000

I was responsible for the day to day running of the business from this point and managed the
development of all sales aspects whilst also keeping the servers updated & managing the
email servers (Linux) and the databases.

I installed & Configured a Sugar CRM system to manage the B2B clients

I also setup a 3CX Cloud server, with full Auto-Attendant & voice-mail with remote client / staff
access, via VoIP on iPhones, Macbooks, iPads & Andriod devices.

The business was run from an off licence, during the period 2009 – 2011 I was responsible for
negotiating a FREE EPOS Till system from Booker PLC, which I managed the install and connection to the web ordering system as well as integrating it with the shop till system & rolling out a shelf edge ticket system, with real time price file updates & remote manager back office.

I installed a CCTV remote admin security system, with indoor & outdoor Night vision cameras, sound & motion sensors triggered to fire a SMS message & email with clips of the trigger point.

This business was sold in 2011.

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